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Grant Perrin, super street and Ilse Lambert, 9.50 bike.
Will Field

Grant Perrin
Grant got the drag racing bug after watching his friends race at Santa Pod. His first pass was at Avon Park at the Bulldog Bash and he spent all day lightening and setting up the Z1000 trike he had taken along. He then set about building his first 9.90 bike, a modified Suzuki GSF600/GSXR1100 hybrid. Fitted with nitrous and an air shifter Grant was soon running the numbers, before a road accident finished his chances that year. The following year - bones healed - he was back and finished runner-up in the national championship.

Soon after setting up GP Performance he retired the 9.90 to the road(!) and built his next bike: another more radical GSF/GSXR cross breed. Soon he had broken into the 8s. The last couple of years have seen a lack of development time available due to the rapid growth of GP Performance, particularly frustrating as we now have all the necessary facilities at hand. We are happy to report things are moving forward again, hopefully in a rapid and straight direction, as we now have a larger workforce testing which means set-up time is available again.

Ilse Lambert

Ilse started racing after she was given a bike and told 'if you enjoy racing it, it?s yours!'. She did, and soon she was racing in the 10.90 class. The bike, a EFE/GSXR, proved too fast for its class, so Ilse moved on to the 9.90 bracket. Nothing stays still in racing and the 9.90 index was changed to 9.50 so the bike underwent some modifications and is now running 9.2.
This year will be spent testing and getting in tune with the changes to the bike, so look out for her and Grant at RWYB and test-and-tune days through the year. Due the nature of her work, Ilse is often away during the weekends and can?t attend all the meetings. If you don?t see her for a while it's definitely not down to a loss of interest, she absolutely loves her dragbaby.

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grants relentless work load

just finished setting up 2 race bikes and 1 track day bike

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