Drag Racing, The Fastest Sport on Earth - We Love It!

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One of the great passions of all involved in GP Performance is motorcycle drag racing. No other sport demands more from machinery, so if you can achieve reliability here, your bike will work well anywhere.

Follow the drag racing link to see how the team is going this season and get more information about this thrilling sport where the sights, sounds and smells guarantee a huge adrenaline rush to spectators and competitors alike.

Our Season

Well another year's gone by, and its the same old story, we again spent too much time working on customers' bikes instead of racing. One piece of good news though, we managed to re-build my number one engine with a vastly improved cylinder head. Using very conservative cam timing it is producing more power throughout the range, more top end and no flat spot, hoorah! It just goes to show, if something looks wrong, it probably is. I certainly won?t be using that head shop again. Straight out of the van I put in a string of very consistent runs equalling the bike's best times and looking at the logger, now the flat spot has gone, I?m sure I can set up my clutch and make some progress with the times.
Ilse?s bike has gone even quicker this year with some very low 9 second passes, not bad for a stock 1127cc engine!
See you at the track!