GP Performance - MOT Top Tips

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If your bike was made before 1983, the regulations differ slightly. For example, items such as indicators are optional but if fitted, must work.
If your bike is registered before 1985 it needs only one stop lamp. If you are in doubt about whether your bike is fit for the test, a quick phone call can often bring you up-to-date.

This gives you time to make sure that the relevant items are fitted and working, and saves us the time and trouble of failing your bike. If in doubt - ask us!

Things to check before your test

Avoiding MOT failure saves everyone involved time and trouble. While there are no guarantees of success, there is a lot you can do to make sure your bike is not one of the many ?should have passed? types that we see so often. A few simple checks can be carried out in minutes and can save you hours. For example:

  • Make sure all the lights work
  • Is the headlamp alignment and beam pattern OK?
  • Have you checked your tyres?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Is your exhaust stamped not for road use ?
  • Has your number plate a two tier layout ?
  • What's the chain adjustment like?
  • Are your footrests secure?
  • Is your seat correctly fitted?
These items can be checked by just about all owners at any time - prevention is better than cure.