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Grant from GP Performance started carrying out MOT tests on motorcycles back in 1990. Our team of VOSA licenced testers pride themselves on doing a thorough job. That way, you know that your bike is going to be properly checked over and compliant with the latest regulations when it leaves our workshop.

After all, you take a lot on trust when your bike goes in for its annual test. Of course, everybody wants their bike to pass the test, but on balance, we believe that most people welcome a thorough approach to MOT testing for the sake of their own peace of mind.

Having said that, a lot of the bikes that we do fail don?t need to fail at all. Read our tips topic to see how you can make it easier on yourself and us.


At GP Performance, we pride ourselves on fairness and consistency in all matters of testing. However, if you feel that your bike has been unfairly failed, you have the right to appeal to VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Standards Agency).

Here is what you do:

  • Talk to us about it. Dialogue is always the best way to resolve an issue.
  • Do not let anyone carry out repairs to the bike.
  • If you still think your bike has been incorrectly failed:
Complete an appeal form VT17 available from any MOT testing station or ring the VOSA enquiry line 0845 600 5977. You must complain within 14 days of the test and a full test fee is payable. VOSA will then offer an appointment within 5 working days to recheck your vehicle. If your appeal is successful some or all of the test fee will be refunded to you.