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Service items
For those everyday items, like oil, filters, chains, bulbs and other consumables, you will find a huge stock at GP Performance for most modern and modern classic bikes. When you are booked in for a service or other routine attention, all the consumables will be there waiting for your bike.

In the event of finding a failed part that isn't a regular consumable item, that may well be in stock too. If not, through our extensive network of suppliers, just about any part for any modern bike can be sourced quickly.

Genuine or OEM?
As a rule of thumb, you can't go far wrong with manufacturer's own parts. Usually the quality of their manufacture and the backing of the maker are worth any small difference in cost.

However, there are cases where some aftermarket parts are available in quality comparable to the manufacturer, or even better. When that is the case, we will always offer advice on the most cost effective parts solution for you and your bike.