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gp performance - race bike & trackday bike setup

Track days are not just for fun
Grant from GP Performance likes to do a track day or two on his R1 when he can… "Just to keep his hand in, you understand"! Despite the great pleasure this brings, on a more serious note, we find it extremely useful to get a bit of track time under our belts. It really helps us to fully appreciate how new components or changes to set up can affect what a bike's doing in the real world, without all the pressures associated with racing.

This experience is then put to good use in improving the performance, handling and braking of your racer or trackday bike.

Experience direct from the track to your settings
Such direct experience on race circuits makes it possible to directly transfer the findings and knowledge thus gained into workable base settings for a customer's race or track bike before it leaves our workshop for the track. It can also prove to be a very useful aid when working out and understanding issues riders may have been experiencing at a particular circuit.

This combination invariably helps to speed up on track final settings, minimising both lost track time and grey hairs, in some cases even preventing a wasted day… or worse!

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