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Classic bikes from the 70s 80s and 90s are enjoying a renaissance lately and are becoming quite popular. Many more bikes are being brought back into service and enjoyed for their character and timeless qualities. GP Performance has the passion, knowlege and tools to make sure that your modern Japanese or Italian classic keeps running as well as it ever did, or sometimes even better!

Partial and full rebuilds

If your pride and joy has been tucked away in the shed for a while, "gaining value" or you've just got hold of that classic bike you've always wanted, now may be a good time to give it some of that TLC it so deserves.

You'll find our attitude to getting your bike back out there refreshing. You won't just find concours restorations in our workshop. We also specialise in the type of practical and well engineered refurbishment that gets your bike back under you where it belongs. We see changes and modifications that owners may have made over the years for what they are - part of the bike's history and character. Where apropriate, later upgraded parts parts or up to date materials can sometimes be used to good effect in maintaining the kind of period look you're after whilst giving enhanced levels of performance, handling and reliability you'll apperciate.

The other good news about this more practical approach is that as well as saving a great deal of money compared to a 100% original renovation, it wont leave you afraid to use the bike for fear of creating a blemish or getting caught out in a downpour.

Call us now on 01865 343634 to talk over your plans. Now that winter is officially upon us, how about bringing your bike down for a good sort out ready for spring?

Our old Z meets its well ard cousinImage with link to high resolution version

Our old Z meets its well ard cousin

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Modern Japaneseclassic bikes are becoming more popular.  Let us give yours the once-overImage with link to high resolution version

Modern Japaneseclassic bikes are becoming more popular. Let us give yours the once-over

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Grants Kawasaki ZG1300 the LARGE one!Image with link to high resolution version

Grants Kawasaki ZG1300 the LARGE one!

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