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gp performance - the proof of the pudding

Get your power delivery right for you
To get the very best out of your bike for the way you use it, a session on the GP Performance rolling road dyno can save a huge amount of time and heartache, not to mention money. By assessing your starting point, an accurate picture of the benefits of any tuning is there in plain view.

Whether you want to make the absolute maximum for sport like drag racing, or get the best economy out of your tourer with smooth power delivery, the dyno chart tells all.

Grant's expert eye can quickly detect areas for improvement and get you on the road to success pronto!

It's not just about how much power your bike makes
To paraphrase the old song, it ain't what you've got, it's the way that you use it, setting up on our rolling road dyno will inform not only of maximum power. The spread of power, where it comes in, where it fades and any flat spots are just as important when it comes to the knowledge necessary to get the best from your bike.

This information can then be applied to tuning methods or how you ride the bike when racing. Use our years of experience in tuning and measuring for optimum power to quickly get to the place you want your bike to be. Here are some examples.

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